Portara located in the "Palatia" area, at the entrance of the port of Naxos. Undoubtedly, is the emblem of Naxos. A huge marble gate, a remnant of a temple of Apollo in 530 BC. It consists of 4 pieces of marble weighing 20 tons. It began to be built at the time of Lygdamis, in the 6th century BC, according to Ionian style is 59 m long and 28 m wide. The Palatia islet has been linked to the myth of Ariadne and Dionysus, who wants Ariadne's rapture from Dionysos to their shores. It is considered the place where the first "Dionysia" was celebrated. Nowadays, a paved road leads to Portara, while in the afternoon you gaze at the sunset is unique