The Monastery of Fotodotis is one of the most important castle -monastery of Naxos island, Located in the area of Danakos Village, in an area of 500 meters altitude with magnificent view of the Agean Sea. The Monastery was buit in the 6th Century AD and consists of two floors. On the ground floor there is a three-aisled church with doe, while access to the first floor of the building with an external staircase, where there is patio, the chapel and the Monks' cells little higher. Also at the same floor there are battlements.The restoration of the monastery began in 1991 and was completed at 2007. The temple is dedicated to Metamorphosis of the Savior and celebrates on August 6th. As far as access is concerned, the road is asphalt until the small church of Agia Marina, on the to Danakos Village, and form that point to the monastery the road is dirt.